Is It Time to Hold Professional Sports Accountable for Wrongful Death?

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 12, 2014

According to court documents, Boogaard’s family alleges that coaches and team doctors apparently insisted he play after repeated concussions. Unknown to Boogaard and his family, the concussions allegedly caused Boogaard to develop a brain disease, followed by an addiction to painkillers. The team allegedly failed to get Boogaard the treatment he needed after he tested positive for banned substances. His family now has a wrongful death lawsuit pending against the NHL in New York. The case number is #13L4935 in Cook County Circuit Court; Len Boogaard and Joanne Boogaard, Co-Executors of the Estate of Derek Boogaard, Deceased, v. National Hockey League and National Hockey League Players Association.

Any sport carries the risk of a serious head injury, but with contact sports like hockey and football regular and repeated blows occur on virtually every play. Some players endure this punishment for decades, and only after retirement are their families able to realize the damage done — including dementia, loss of memory, and severe depression. The medical term for the brain disorder caused by repeated concussions is Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, or CTE.

Wrongful Death Suits in School Sports:

Saddest of all, there are an alarming number of wrongful death cases in high school and college sports, as well. According to The Daily Californian on August 5th, Cal football player Ted Agu died following a team training event in which coaches and trainers allegedly failed to recognize his symptoms before he collapsed and died. Allegedly coaches were aware that Agu suffered from sickle cell anemia and it was claimed that the workout was entirely inappropriate for anyone in his medical condition. In addition to reimbursement for medical and legal bills, the lawsuit against UC seeks unspecified damages for loss of earnings and financial support that Agu would have provided to his family. You can view the complaint here.

Athletes without medical illness are at risk as well, even the younger players, as evidenced by the death of Georgia high school football player Zyrees Oliver just this year. Although this is not an injury caused by multiple concussions, it still asks the question “Is it time to hold professional sports accountable for wrongful death?” According to WUSA9 and Atlanta Journal-Constitution on August 13, Oliver reportedly drank an excess of water and sports drinks during practice, and coaches were allegedly unaware of the dangers associated with over-hydration.

If someone was a victim of wrongful death in New York contact the wrongful death attorneys at Pulvers, Pulvers, Thompson & Friedman for a free personal injury consultation. They have the knowledge and experience to bring responsible parties to justice and to compensate families monetarily for their loss. Though no amount of money can bring back these athletes, a wrongful death suit can alleviate some of the financial loss the families of the athletes are still experiencing.

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American Football – Family of former Chargers star Junior Seau rejects NFL
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Change the Mascot Praises The Washington Post for Decision to End its Use of the Washington NFL Teams Offensive R-Word Name

Oneida Nation Homelands, NY (PRWEB) August 22, 2014

The Washington Post today declared that its editorial pages will no longer use the derogatory R-word when referring to the Washington NFL team. “While we wait for the National Football League to catch up with thoughtful opinion and common decency, we have decided that, except when it is essential for clarity or effect, we will no longer use the slur ourselves,” The Washington Post said in its statement today.*

In response to the the decision by one of the country’s top newspapers to boldly oppose the name of its hometown NFL team, National Congress of American Indians Executive Director Jackie Pata and Oneida Indian Nation Representative Ray Halbritter, who lead the Change the Mascot Campaign, stated:

“The Washington Post Editorial Page has made the appropriate and honorable decision to no longer use the name. When news organizations use this word in any context, they are endorsing it and legitimizing it by inherently promoting it as an acceptable term. It is not acceptable – it is a dictionary-defined racial slur that countless Native Americans, civil rights groups, religious groups and elected officials from across the country have said should be changed. For news organizations, there is no “objective” way for a media outlet to regularly promote this term without simultaneously endorsing it. Media outlets must decide which side they are on. Are they going to continue promoting a racial slur or are they going to stand on the right side of history? We hope they choose the latter by following the lead of The Washington Post and other publications that are no longer willing to tolerate this term.”

The Washington Post’s decision to have its editorial page stop referring to the team by the offensive R-word places it in the company of a wide variety of other news publications and leading journalists. Mother Jones, which also has opted to stop using the name, has a list on its website which includes the following publications: Oregonian, Washington City Paper, Kansas City Star, DCist, Gregg Easterbrook (, Slate, The New Republic, Tim Graham (Buffalo News), John Smallwood (Philadelphia Daily News), Peter King (Sports Illustrated and, Bill Simmons (ESPN and Grantland), Christine Brennan (USA Today), Matthew Berry (, San Francisco Chronicle, Syracuse New Times, Seattle Times, Richmond Free Press, Orange County Register, William C. Rhodan (New York Times), Washington Business Journal.**

In addition to prominent journalists and publications, the Change the Mascot campaign has continually garnered a wealth of support from top thought leaders across the country and internationally. Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle, civil rights and advocacy organizations, top sports icons, religious groups, and even President Obama have all spoken out against the team’s continued use of the epithet.

*Washington Post editorials will no longer use ‘Redskins’ for the local NFL team, 8.22.14,

**Here Are the News Orgs That Won’t Name DC’s [Redacted] Football Team, 9.19.13,

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Trading Advantage Celebrates 20 years of Trading Education by Giving Away up to $20 million in Cutting Edge Contest

CHICAGO, IL (PRWEB) August 01, 2014

Trading Advantage, a global leader in trading education, launched the “20 for Twenty” contest today, potentially giving away up to $ 20 million to contestants for guessing the closing price of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Both innovative and relevant to Trading Advantage’s core business of financial education, the “20 for Twenty” contest allows contestants to guess online the closing price of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) on October 10th. The twenty people with the closest guesses to the closing value of the DJIA on October 10, 2014 will instantly win $ 1,000 each. These 20 winners qualify to enter the next round, where they will be eligible to win $ 1 million if they correctly guess what the closing value of the DJIA will be on November 10, 2014.

“Teaching thousands of students how to trade over the past 20 years has been extremely rewarding,” said Larry Levin, president and founder of Trading Advantage. “There’s nothing quite like the thrill of making money in the markets. We wanted to create that trading type of excitement with our 20 for Twenty contest.”

Contest entry is free and open to anyone worldwide 18 years or older. The deadline for all entries to be submitted is September 10th, 2014. Trading Advantage is hoping to receive as many entries as possible from contestants across the globe. “It would be amazing to have one person make a million dollars as a result of this contest — twenty people making a million dollars would be unbelievable,” Levin said.

Round one winners will be decided on October 10th. The 20 participants with the closest guesses to the actual closing value of the DOW on that date will automatically win $ 1,000. These 20 winners will be eligible for the next $ 1 million round.

The contest officially opens today. To receive an email reminder of the contest launch, click here. Big Bonus Contest Coverage for the TA 20 Million is provided by Great Shot, the premiere event, marketing and contest resource. Great Shot specializes in the development of promotional events using contest coverage in golf (hole in one insurance), fantasy sports, poker and the major sports.

About Trading Advantage

Founded by Larry Levin in 1994, Trading Advantage is a leading trading education firm that offers extensive trading education on a variety of assets including futures, stocks, options and currencies. The company boasts cutting edge learning solutions and a professional and experienced instructor team of high-caliber industry leaders committed to providing the best trading techniques, strategies, and training. Trading Advantage has been featured on Bloomberg TV, CNBC, Fox Business, BNN, and CME Group. To learn more, please visit To enter the contest visit

About Great Shot:

“Great Shot is the premiere event, marketing and contest resource headquartered in

Lincolnshire Illinois. Great Shot specializes in the development of promotional events

using contest coverage in golf (hole in one insurance), fantasy sports, poker and the

major sports. Great shot has created and provided coverage for contest events for the

Michael Jordan Foundation, the American Cancer Society, the PGA of America, the

World Poker Tour, fantasy sports sites, the MGM Grand and many others.

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Real Madrid vs. Inter Milan Tickets Berkeley: Ticket Down Slashes Ticket Prices on Guinness International Champions Cup Tickets at California Memorial Stadium

(PRWEB) July 25, 2014

Ticket Down is a reliable source for cheap Real Madrid vs. Inter Milan tickets in Berkeley at California Memorial Stadium. With the post-World Cup emotions still rolling along for many new fans of football, the organizers of the 2014 Guinness International Champions Cup have brought eight of the world’s best club teams to North America. With teams representing La Liga, English Premier League, Serie A, and Superleague Greece, the tournament will bring some of the best football players from around the world to 12 American cities and one Canadian city. One of the key matches during the 2014 tournament will be held at California Memorial Stadium in Berkeley, Calif. on July 26.

Inter Milan plays their football in the Italian league, Serie A. The club was founded in 1908 and has played in Serie A, the top fight football league in Italy, since it was created in 1929. The club has won 30 domestic trophies during their history including seven Coppa Italia, five Supercoppa Italiana, and 18 league titles. They have also three Champions League titles, three UEFA Cups, one FIFA Club World Cup, and two Intercontinental Cups. They finished fifth in Serie A last season and will be led into the tournament by manager, Walter Mazzarri. This will be his second season as team manager and will rely on some of his biggest stars to take him deep into this tournament including Fredy Guarin, Marco Andreolli, Jonathan, and Ricky Alvarez.

This is the second year that this tournament will be known as the International Champions Cup. Prior to last year, this tournament was known as the World Football Challenge and through the four years of the event, Real Madrid has been the most successful team. They won two of the three titles when it was the World Football Challenge and defeated Chelsea a year ago to win the title under its current name. The team was founded in 1902 and is one of the most successful teams in Spanish football history. The world’s richest football club has won 32 La Liga titles, nine Supercopas de Espana, and 19 Copas del Rey, as well as 10 European Cup/UEFA Champions League titles, and three Intercontinental Cups. The team is managed by Carlo Ancelettoi , who led Real Madrid to a third place finish a year ago in his first as manager. On the pitch, stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Toni Kroos, Pepe, Sami Khedira, and James Rodriguez will be relied upon to lead Real Madrid to another title.

California Memorial Stadium was originally opened in 1923 and has been the home venue of the California Golden Bears college football team for all but two seasons ever since. The venue can seat more than 62,000 fans and will need each seat available for fans of these two legendary football clubs.

In the 2014 Guinness International Champions Cup, Inter Milan and Real Madrid will compete in Group A along with Manchester United and AS Roma. The winner of this group after round robin play will move onto the championship where they will take on the top team out of Olympiacos, Milan, Liverpool, and Manchester City.


Ticket Down delivers tickets to sold out concerts and events worldwide when no one else can, and they do so at discounted prices. This popular ticket exchange also has Inter Milan vs. Real Madrid tickets in Berkeley. Add promo/coupon/offer code SOCCER-2014 for added savings.

Note: Ticket Down is not associated with any of the soccer teams or venues mentioned in this release. The names that are used in this release are purely for descriptive purposes. We are not affiliated with or do we endorse any artists or venues in this release.

Check out our discount codes online for all upcoming events. Ticket Down has low overheads which allow this well-known ticket site to keep prices low.

Carl Paoli, Renowned Gymnast, Coach and CrossFit Elite, Releases the Highly Anticipated New Book: Freestyle: Maximize Sport and Life Performance With Four Basic Movements

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) July 16, 2014

Carl Paoli and co-author Anthony Sherbondy have teamed up to deliver a revolutionary new program that brings together the fundamentals of basic human movement with a simple framework that enables the reader to tap into the body’s intuition to develop a deeper understanding and ultimately a mastery of how the body is designed to naturally move throughout space. Freestyle is a comprehensive guidebook for anyone looking to achieve peak physical performance and obtain an overall sense of well-being, regardless of skill or experience level.

Freestyle teaches four basic bodyweight movements and provides a simple framework that encompasses Paoli’s fresh philosophy on connecting each movement to fit any lifestyle. Every movement is broken down into progressions, allowing the reader to develop a thorough understanding of the principles behind each movement and how to adapt those to individual physical needs and performance goals.

Paoli spent over fifteen years studying human movement while working hands-on with athletes and concluded the fitness world was lacking an emphasis on “movement strength”. Paoli answered that need with his ‘Freestyle’ methodology and has since been teaching at sold out seminars worldwide. After experiencing such amazing response, Paoli partnered with Sherbondy to deliver his philosophy to the world, and Freestyle, the book, was created.

Despite Paoli’s experience as an elite gymnast and a renowned CrossFit coach, this is not a book about gymnastics, CrossFit, or any specific fitness program. Rather, it is a unique take on how Paoli studies and teaches human movement and how the reader can better understand how to move.

Freestyle shows the reader how to:

    Turn on and trust intuition about movement
    Use tools that help optimize imperfect movement
    Tap into the universal movement patterns and progressions underlying all disciplines
    Use Carl Paoli’s movement framework to create roadmaps for physical success
    Learn what being strong really means

Freestyle is a practical manual to develop human movement regardless of discipline. It is equally applicable to veteran athletes, weekend warriors, fitness enthusiasts, people trying to pick up a new sport, or those who are simply curious about improving health.

Freestyle: Maximize Sport and Life Performance with Four Basic Movements (ISBN: 978-1628600209) is priced at $ 44.95 is available in-store and online today!

Freestyle: Maximize Sport and Life Performance with Four Basic Movements is published by Victory Belt Publishing.

About the Authors

Carl Paoli was born in the United States and grew up in Spain, where his passion for physical activity led him to delve into action sports such as snowboarding, skiing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, and karate. It was his love for gymnastics that shaped his discipline for hard work, determination, and now his professional career. Carl became an elite gymnast in Spain, where he trained and competed on the national circuit for more than fifteen years. Throughout his gymnastics career, he received numerous accolades, including a National Gold Medal for Vault. Carl also studied environmental science at Universidad Miguel Hernandez and specialized in genetic engineering and coral reef ecology. After university, Carl returned to the U.S. to pursue a career in marine biology. Even though Carl found work that related to his studies, his mind never strayed far from his love of sport and fitness. He reentered the world of gymnastics in 2004 in San Francisco, where he lives and works as a strength and conditioning coach for his own practice in collaboration with San Francisco CrossFit and AcroSports. In 2010, Carl launched, currently the largest online resource for gymnastics-movement training and conditioning for CrossFit coaches and athletes. He has coached thousands of athletes around the world through the GymnasticsWOD website and by way of his Freestyle Connection seminars. In 2011, Carl was part of the coaching team for Annie Thorisdottir, who went on to become the first two-time winner of the CrossFit Games in 2011 and 2012.

Anthony Sherbondy

Anthony Sherbondy holds a PhD from Stanford University where he studied engineering and neuroscience. His research focused on finding new methods for measuring and visualizing the “wiring diagram” of the human brain, on which he has published several articles and given numerous talks. While Anthony was simultaneously preparing for his thesis defense and training in acrobatics for his upcoming Capoeira performance, he met Carl for the first time, and they began discussing Carl’s theories on human movement in between coaching sessions for roundoffs and backtucks.


Victory Belt Publishing Inc is the world’s leading publisher in health and fitness books, producing a host of New York Times bestsellers, including The Paleo Solution, Practical Paleo, It Starts with Food, Dark World, Against All Grain, Becoming a Supple Leopard, Beyond Training and The Paleo Kitchen. Started by Erich Krauss, a New York Times bestselling author, Victory Belt Publishing Inc is an author-friendly publisher geared toward producing the highest quality books on the market. Victory Belt Publishing has worldwide distribution, and its titles have been translated into dozens of languages. The company has the highest ratio between books published and New York Times bestsellers. Victory Belt Publishing‘s main office is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. For more information, please visit

Equipe de France Football – Les meilleurs moments -

Première vidéo d’une compilation de but et n’hésitez pas à rejoindre ma page

A quelques semaines de la Coupe du Monde au Brésil, vous fait découvrir les personnalités des joueurs de l’équipe de France sous un nouvel an…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Automotive Marketing Firm Force Marketing to Showcase at Booth #606 at the 2014 NIADA Convention & Expo

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) June 19, 2014

Automotive marketing firm, Force Marketing, is pleased to announce that several members of its team will be in attendance at this year’s National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA) Convention and Expo taking place in Las Vegas later this month.

The 2014 NIADA Convention and Expo is a four-day event aimed at providing independent auto dealers with better tools for success, from dealership operations to marketing strategies and more. The convention will feature workshops, training and an expansive array of exhibitors and vendors, as well as food, entertainment and a keynote from former Florida State University football coach Bobby Bowden.

The Force Marketing team will be exhibiting at Booth #606 at the conference, and is excited to attend the largest gathering of independent dealers in the industry.

“We’re looking forward to meeting with dealers and vendors at this year’s NIADA event,” said Force Marketing’s National Sales Training Manager John Franco, who will be at the conference in addition to Regional Sales Manager Chad Scott and Director of Events & Account Services Jessica Sims. “Independent dealers have unique marketing needs, and this convention will give us the opportunity to learn about each dealer’s individual needs, as well as how our campaigns can help them continue to succeed.”

At Booth #606, NIADA attendees will have the opportunity to demo Force Marketing’s services, as well as receive exclusive special offers on campaigns that are proven to be effective for dealers across North America.

The 2014 NIADA Convention and Expo will take place June 23-26 at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Attendees should stop by Booth #606 to meet with Force Marketing associates and to find out more about the direct mail, digital and email marketing services that Force Marketing has to offer.


Force Marketing is an automotive direct mail and digital marketing company headquartered in Atlanta, Ga. The company offers marketing services to an expansive client base throughout the U.S. and Canada. The company made Inc. magazine’s 500|5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. in 2013 for the fifth consecutive year. More information about their auto dealership marketing services can be found online at

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Fifa investigating France's claims that a drone spied on training
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December 14, 2012

Friday Fantasy Football Link Love - Week #15

Photo By KJ Holiday

Here is your Friday dose of fantasy football blog links for NFL Week #15.

The links are organized into 3 groups Rankings, Sit or Start, and Injury Reports.

Fantasy Football Rankings
Lester's Legends QB | RB| WR| TE| K | D/ST
Bruno Boys QB | RB | WR | TE | K | DEF
FF Today QB & RB | WR & TE | K & DEF | IDP
Fantasy Pros Expert Consensus Rankings Week 15 Fantasy Football Player Rankings Week 15
CBS Sports Week 15 Fantasy Football Rankings

Fantasy Football Start or Sit
Sports Grid's Start ‘Em/Sit ‘Em: 11 Fantasy Football Players With Sweetheart Matchups In Week 15
Roto Professor's Start ‘Em or Sit ‘Em: Week 15
NFL Soup's Week 15 Fantasy Football Start and Sit Advice
Ask The Commish - Week 15 Sit or Start
Fantasy Sharks - Sit/Bench - Week 15
Walter Football - 2012 Fantasy Football: Start Em, Sit Em: Week 15
CBS Sports - Week 15 Start 'Em and Sit 'Em
Fox Sports - Week 15 Fantasy Football Starts and Sits
SI.Com - Week 15 Start 'Em, Sit 'Em: Turner not through yet
Business Insider Sport's Page - 12 Fantasy Football Tips For Week 15

Fantasy Football Injury Report
Fantasy Shark's Injury Report For Week 15
FF Toolbox's NFL Injury Reports

Have a favorite weekly fantasy football article? Send us an email to be included in this list each Friday.

December 11, 2012

Suit Up - Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Week #15

Here is the weekly edition of the Week #15 fantasy football waiver wire adds. There are a couple more players breaking in week 14 that have not been mentioned previously:

David Wilson - Wilson has a break out week on Sunday.  Taking over for a beat-up Amhad Bradshaw,  Wilson scorched the Saints Defense for 100 yards and 2 touch downs on 13 carries.  Owned in 40.3% of ESPN Leagues.

Jason Avant - Avant is seeing playing time due to the injury to Desean Jackson.   He had a big game on Sunday, grabbing 7 passes for 120 yards.  Owned in only 0.5% of ESPN Leagues.

This is a recap of the standouts from the last several weeks who may still be available:
  • Colin Kaepernick
  • Chad Henne
  • Bryce Brown
  • Chris Ivory
  • Knowshon Moreno
  • Marcel Reece
  • James Starks
  • T.Y. Hilton
  • Danario Alexander
  • Chris Givens
  • Justin Blackmon
  • Brandon Myers
Below is a list of several additional fantasy football waiver wire article links that are out early for week 15:

December 7, 2012

Friday Fantasy Football Link Love - Week #14

Here is your Friday dose of fantasy football blog links for NFL Week #14.   

The links are organized into 3 groups Rankings, Sit or Start, and Injury Reports.

Fantasy Football Rankings
Lester's Legends QB | RB| WR| TE| K | D/ST
Bruno Boys QB | RB | WR | TE | K | DEF
FF Today QB & RB | WR & TE | K & DEF | IDP
Fantasy Pros Expert Consensus Rankings Week 14 Fantasy Football Player Rankings Week 14
CBS Sports Week 14 Fantasy Football Rankings

Fantasy Football Start or Sit
Sports Grid's Start ‘Em/Sit ‘Em: 11 Fantasy Football Players With Sweetheart Matchups In Week 14
Roto Professor's Start ‘Em or Sit ‘Em: Week 14
NFL Soup's Week 14 Fantasy Football Start or Sit Calls to Help You Win
Ask The Commish - Week 14 Sit or Start
Fantasy Sharks - Sit/Bench - Week 14
Walter Football - 2012 Fantasy Football: Start Em, Sit Em: Week 13
CBS Sports - Week 14 Start 'Em and Sit 'Em
Fox Sports - Week 14 Fantasy Football Starts and Sits
SI.Com - Week 14 Start 'Em, Sit 'Em: Rams' Jackson set for playoff stardom
Business Insider Sport's Page - 12 Fantasy Football Tips For Week 14

Fantasy Football Injury Report
Fantasy Shark's Injury Report For Week 14
FF Toolbox's NFL Injury Reports

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December 5, 2012

What I learned in Week 13 of the NFL

Photo By Mark Susina
Here is your weekly fantasy football blog update for the top (& bottom) teams and players through week 13 of the 2012 NFL season. 

Atlanta & Houston have just about locked it up as the 2 top teams.  Barring at catastrophe they are eyeing up a first round bye in the playoffs.  

Next up are New England & Denver, both who have locked up their division and a spot in the playoffs.   The final spot in the Top 5 goes to Baltimore. They have the lead by 2 games and look to have a decent shot at winning the division.

Top 5 Teams In The NFL
  • Houston Texans
  • Atlanta Falcons
  • New England
  • Denver Broncos
  • Baltimore Ravens
In spots 6-10 are San Fran, Green Bay, Chicago,  Indianapolis, and the NY Giants.  The Giants sneak in there by virtue of being a division leader, even though their 7-5 record has them tied with Seattle, Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati.

One other interesting fact - If the playoffs started to today the Broncos would be playing the Colts.

Worst 5 Teams In The NFL

  • Carolina Panthers
  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Oakland Raiders
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Kansas City Chiefs
At this point these guys are all fighting for the number 1 draft pick come April.

Now on to the fantasy football player rankings after tallying the results through Week 13. All rankings are based on ESPN standard scoring.

Scoring Leaders - Top 5 Fantasy Football Players

  • Robert Griffin III
  • Tom Brady
  • Drew Brees
  • Aaron Rodgers
  • Peyton Manning
Not much has changed here since week 12.

Scoring Leaders - The next 5 (6-10) Fantasy Football Players

  • Cam Newton
  • Matthew Stafford
  • Andrew Luck
  • Matt Ryan
  • Adrian Peterson
Mostly Quarterbacks at this time of the year, no surprise there.   ADP is the only non-QB to hang on to a top spot this late in the season.   How many of us now wish we took him in the second round of the draft?  

Scoring Leaders - Top 5 Non-Quarterback Fantasy Players

  • Adrian Peterson
  • Arian Foster
  • Doug Martin
  • A.J. Green
  • Bears DEF/ST
Rookie Doug Martin...just wow what a beast. A.J. Green grabs the 9th spot and is the only wide receiver to make it while the Bears DEF/ST is continuing to put up the numbers.

What is most surprising to you so far this season?

December 3, 2012

Suit Up - Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Week #14

Photo By John Martinez Pavliga
Here is the early edition of the Week #14 fantasy football waiver wire adds.   There is only 2 players that have not been mentioned previously:

Chris Givens - Followed up a monster week 12 with another decent performance  (11-92-0)  this week.   As long as Amendola is out Givens looks to be the #1 receiver in St. Louis.  Owned in only 3.2% of ESPN Leagues.

Chad Henne- Henne has put together a few solid weeks now as the starter in Jacksonville.   Sunday he threw for 208 yards and 1 touchdown.   Not sure why you would need him, but if you find yourself in a bind for a quarterback, Henne is owned in only 8.5% of ESPN Leagues.

This is a recap of the standouts from the last several weeks who may still be available:
  • Colin Kaepernick
  • Bryce Brown
  • Chris Ivory
  • Knowshon Moreno
  • Marcel Reece
  • James Starks
  • T.Y. Hilton
  • Danario Alexander
  • Cecil Shorts
  • Justin Blackmon
  • Brandon Myers
Below is a list of several additional fantasy football waiver wire article links that are out early for week 14: