Caterpillar Game Video Achieves Overnight Success With Support from Cygnus Business Media

Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin (PRWEB) April 16, 2014

In less than 20 hours, Caterpillar Inc.’s new “jumbo Jenga™” video gathered more than 166,000 views on YouTube and generated a flood of fan email.

The two-minute video, titled “Stack,” pits five Cat machines, including Excavators and Telehandlers, against a mountain of massive wood blocks weighing more than 8 tons in total. The object of the game: remove blocks one at a time, replacing each of the 600-pound blocks to raise the tower’s height without toppling it. What ensues as the cameras roll is a show of operator skill, and machine power, strength and agility.

Initially offered exclusively through media partner Cygnus Business Media, the video positions Caterpillar as a problem solver with a sense of humor and theater.

Viewers posted messages on Caterpillar’s YouTube page, as well as via email to Cygnus, including these comments:

“My 12-year-old son watched the video with me and he immediately recognized it as Jenga. We have played this game several times. Judging from his reaction, I am sure that this will go viral.” ‒Dean

“Coolest video EVER of the CAT machines playing JENGA!! LOVE it!!” ‒Brenda

“Wow, we have excavators and skid steers and we haven’t played that game yet! LOL” ‒Preston

“Must have had great operators.” ‒Doug

Production Facts

Production facts provide a behind-the-scenes look at how the video was created.

1. The arena used as the stage for the challenge was larger than two regulation-size NFL football fields.

2. So the blocks would “slide” out of their slots more fluidly, the crew sprinkled all of them with the same wax used on a shuffleboard table to allow game pucks to slide. In fact, they purchased every can of shuffleboard wax within a 40-mile radius of the film set—72 cans in all.

3. To capture all of the action, the crew positioned two of the 12 Go Pro cameras on the ground, fully expecting both of them to sustain substantial damage. Remarkably, the 600-pound blocks missed falling directly on them, though one block came within less than an inch.

4. The game took approximately 28 hours to play and was edited to the 2.5-minute video.

Cygnus Business Media

As one of America’s top business-to-business media companies, Cygnus Business Media reaches millions of professionals annually and leads the way in providing targeted content to top decision-makers and organizations.

The World of Fantasy Football

The world of fantasy football is a whole new world of excitement and fun. That is why it conquered the US in no time. People from all ages had already heard about fantasy football and had played it too. The power to manage your dream football team with all your favorite stars in it, plus the bragging rights you will get when you defeated your friends is the best part of fantasy football. Not to mention huge cash prizes offer by some fantasy sports site. Are you a fantasy football player? If you are, come and learn more about our favorite past time. If you aren’t, come discover the world of fantasy football and learn how to play and enjoy it.

So just how does fantasy football work? Scoring in fantasy football is done through player achievements by means of stats. The essence of fantasy football is your team is comprised of pro football players playing for you against other players drafted by someone else. If your team’s points add up higher than your opponent’s points, you win the matchup and your game for the week. At the end of the season, the team’s with the best records will advance to the playoffs to play for the championship.

The scoring settings change depending on how your commissioner makes the rules, but some typically scoring settings are +6 points for any touchdown, +1 point for every 10 receiving or rushing yards, +1 point for every 25 passing yards, -2 points for an interception (by the quarterback), +3 points for field goals made, +1 point for a sack by the defense, and so on.

These are not absolute and it is highly recommended that you study your point settings closely before drafting your team.

The reason is because your picks should depend on how your league scoring settings are. For example, if your league counts only +4 points for a quarterback touchdown but +6 points for every other touchdown, you should lower your relative value of quarterbacks in comparison to other positions.

How to win at fantasy football? As you can see, your ability to predict which players will do well before the season starts will create a winning team. In fantasy football, the top stars are often called “fantasy football studs.” Your goal should be to have a team loaded with as many studs as you can get. These top stars are usually drafted in the first round, but as I mentioned earlier, you can sometimes find stars late in the draft. These fantasy football sleepers often make the difference between being a winner and just mediocre.

I hope that by now, you have a clearer idea on how fantasy football works. If you are a beginner, I strongly advice to try fantasy football on a free site. Build your first fantasy football team without any fear that you will lose your hard earned money so that you can focus on your first game. Practice makes perfect. So make sure to practice first before really going on to the fight.

Fantasy sports is growing popular everyday.NBA,NFL,NHL and MLC fantasy sports contest are now live at Fantasy Factor. build your fantasy sports team and enter to win real cash daily or weekly!


New York, NY, (PRWEB) March 27, 2014

The most creative place in Manhattan for team offsite meetings and workshops will open its doors in April. For more than seven years, the team at Innovation Loft™ has been a secret weapon to CxOs of many premiere brands. Innovation Loft’s expertise is designing and leading super-creative, collaborative workshops with corporate teams of 20-100+ participants. Topics range from strategy sessions to off-site teambuilding sessions, to implementation planning and digital visioning. Innovation Loft’s clients consistently report extraordinary levels of productivity, creativity and team alignment from these events:

Jeannine Haas, Chief Marketing Officer for Avis Budget Group recently engaged Innovation Loft™ for a 3-day workshop.

“I’ve been through other innovation workshops before and have to say that this event was like no other. We absolutely loved it! And when I say ‘we,’ I mean all participants. It was an outstanding workshop — and one that I would highly recommend. It was that impactful… The energy, excitement and collaboration in the room was unprecedented. Everyone had a voice and a role in defining our success. We worked very collaboratively and had a ton of fun doing it. I would highly recommend this group or this process for a similar engagement… It was that good.”

A New Chapter

Until now, the Innovation Lof t™ has conducted these creative collaboration sessions at a wide range of venues including corporate conference centers, hotels, soundstages and even Met Life Stadium, often bringing truckloads of equipment and supplies to establish their trademark creative environments. But this month they take a major step forward launching Manhattan’s only permanent facility specifically designed to help teams unleash their innovation potential.

“You have to see it in action to fully appreciate it,” Innovation Loft™ CEO Howard Tiersky states. “Creating stimulating and inspiring environments that also maximize team collaboration is a craft that we have honed over many years. And we have poured everything we have learned into the creation of this fantastic new facility. By combining the benefits of the new Innovation Loft environment with our proven workshop design and facilitation practices, we can really deliver maximum value for our clients and a creative collaboration experience like no other to our session participants.”

Michelle McKenna, CIO of the National Football League, has used the Innovation Loft™ team on a series of events over more than 7 years, including at her prior roles as CIO of Constellation Energy and CIO of Universal Studios Theme Parks.

“I’ve done probably a couple dozen sessions with Innovation Loft. I always find that they work and they help accelerate. It’s just become part of my methodology for innovation and change.

I recently had a session for our “Sidelines of the Future” initiative. I brought in a bunch of professional football guys that had never really participated in sessions like this. I think they were surprised when they walked into the room and saw the rolling white boards and the toys. They saw people drawing instead of standard PowerPoint. I could see some skepticism on their faces, but before long they were fully participating and telling me how we never really have an opportunity like this. What that environment did was give them permission to let go of their daily job and truly innovate. Then, coming out of it they were really blown away. First of all, the time flew by. You don’t sit in a conference room looking at white board. You move around and think about things from many perspectives. When we came out of it, they were ready to have the next one!”

The Innovation Loft™ facility, opening in April just two blocks from Madison Square Garden and Penn Station, takes up the entire floor of a restored loft building. It has an open floor-plan with 6,000 square feet of customizable space and three walls of floor-to-13’ ceiling windows. The environment is filled with toys, oversized props, and just for good measure, a full-sized replica of a British phone booth. The facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system, over 50 video screens and projectors, 100 Mb connectivity for video streaming and video conferencing, an extensive library of inspiring music and books, and plenty of magnetic whiteboard space for creative brainstorming. There is enough room and comfortable furnishings for groups of up to 120 people, but works well for groups as small as 20. The flexible space can be used for workshops, leadership offsites, sales training, team building sessions, planning sessions, board meetings, product launches and much more.

Renee Jordan, Chief Strategy Officer of Clear Channel Outdoor has worked with the Innovation Loft team for many years.

“It is truly a creative space and creates an environment of fun and innovation–which you need when you have the goal of having collaboration and ideation around business challenges. It is a different kind of meeting space. This is not your typical hotel meeting room. There is a buzz and an energy that they create that stimulates the creative process and the collaboration process. By the end of our strategy session, we had completely set our agenda for the year. Yes! We have a plan in place for the entire year based on the outcome of what we did in those two days.”

“One of our goals in any session is to customize the space to become an ‘information rich environment’ for that specific event,” explains Tiersky. “For example, we’ve developed our own software to control the over 50 video displays spread throughout the space to allow us to surround participants with relevant or stimulating imagery, videos, charts, product images, or other pertinent visual information and to change that regularly throughout the session. We also have expansive, curved magnetic whiteboards where we can display prints from our plotter with even more information or stimulating imagery. And one thing our participants really love, we often bring in graphic artists who create illustrations throughout the event as a way to document the ideas generated and topics covered during a given session.”

Dawn Zier, CEO of Nutrisystem selected Innovation Loft™ to help create Nutrisystem’s next-generation product strategy. She subsequently asked the Loft team to provide innovation training to her key executives for use in their day-to-day leadership roles.

“We engaged the Innovation Loft team to help us stretch our thinking around product innovation. The session they ran for us was extremely creative–from the way the environment was set up, to the exercises and activities. They made sure we had clear goals for the session and they really held us accountable to them. The session was very enjoyable and the results were outstanding. I’d definitely work with them again.”

Workshop participants at Innovation Loft™ have access to special tablets which are loaded with additional reference material relevant to the topic of their event. Tiersky demonstrates, “We update the tablets wirelessly throughout each workshop with the photographs of everything written on any of the white boards during prior rounds of work, so nothing is lost and everything is accessible to participants at the tips of their fingers.”

Bay Hirschfeld, The Loft’s Director of Innovation Services, has seen the results play out for many organizations. “What might take an organization upwards of six months to accomplish internally, we’ve repeatedly seen realized in just a few days at Innovation Loft,” said Hirschfeld. “Our skilled team of facilitators, innovationeers and support staff are 1000% committed to supporting the participants in any way possible to help them achieve great things!”

The Innovation Loft™ goes far afield from traditional auditoriums or hotel meeting rooms, with unconventional furniture that includes bean bags and massage chairs, and even Nerf guns and trampolines. “Fun is a key ingredient for inspiring innovation,” said Hirschfeld. “Everything in the Innovation Loft is there to encourage creative thought.”

Prior to launching this facility in NYC, the team at Innovation Loft™ was commissioned to create and run a permanent Innovation Center at the Baltimore offices of Constellation Energy, a $ 20 billion company that is now a part of Exelon. David Chang, the executive responsible for all of Constellation’s ecommerce and mobile business, sponsored many sessions designed and led by the Innovation Loft. “The whole idea of this open, exciting, and rich environment really did wonders for me and my team to help and stimulate our thinking. The idea is you go in there and get out of your comfort zone and get away from what you are used to. When you open the floodgates the ideas just pour out! It was amazing and ‘out-of-the-box.’ Our entire company has benefitted from the ideas and decisions from those sessions.”

Innovation Loft™ in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan is slated to open in April 2014 with open house events scheduled throughout April and May. Preview tours of the space prior to the grand opening are available to the media by appointment. “It’s an ideal spot for companies to come to tackle big ideas and springboard the accomplishment of ambitious goals,” said Hirschfeld. The facility is also well-suited for use by consultancies, advertising agencies, workshop leaders, training companies, or corporate and social event planners. Innovation Loft staff is always available to help plan and coordinate, support events, and facilitate any event as needed.

About Innovation Loft™

Innovation Loft™ Inc. (a spin-off of Moving Interactive Inc.) is the premiere consultancy specializing in helping corporations “unleash their teams” to perform at their maximum potential for creativity and collaboration. Innovation Loft™ works with many leading brands to design and execute workshop events typically from 1-3 days in length for groups from 20 to over 100 participants. We utilize a wide range of leading practices and exercises for creative brainstorming, facilitation, decision-making and action-planning. Innovation Loft™ provides sessions at client or offsite locations as well as at their unique innovation facility in the historic and convenient Chelsea section of New York City.

Media Inquiries:

David Schutzman, Public Relations



Sales/Event Inquiries:

Bay Hirschfeld, Innovation Director



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Fantasy Football 101

Fantasy football is a very challenging, rewarding and, most of all, fun gaming activity. It is a relatively easy game to play, but very difficult to be good at, let alone master. We all indulge in this activity for the same reason we play any game—because we enjoy it immensely. Here are a few helpful tips to get you started and make the most out of playing fantasy football.


It’s one of the easiest things to do when immersing yourself in the world of fantasy football. This mostly involves a lot of reading and researching. There are a lot of hardcore fantasy football nuts out there like me, and it’s safe to say that despite the number of years I have been playing, I still learn something new every year. Utilize a good number of sites to do your research and try to improve your gaming skills. It all comes down to how much you want to know and how much time you are able to devote to the game.

Cheat Sheets and Rankings

Before making the draft every year, make sure you prepare a cheat sheet. Print out a few rankings from some of the more reputable sites on the net and start building your own master list. A cheat sheet is the single most essential tool on draft day.

Do Mock Drafts

A mock draft is simply a practice session for your real draft.

This is an excellent way to get you accustomed to what a live draft should be like, and it also gives you an idea where all the players are drafted. Draft strategies can either be fine tuned and perfected or thrown in the waste bin to go back to the drawing board. You can do as many mock drafts as you can to help you iron out the bumps in your strategy.
Join a Fantasy Community

You can have an edge in winning your games when you join a fantasy community. You can post questions about your team, get tips on sleepers, read up on strategies or simply just join in conversation about fantasy football or football in general. The key is having the right information and knowing how to use it to win.

Try Joining Different Fantasy Leagues

It’s all about playing in a league that fits your gaming preferences. Try as many different league formats, websites and communities as you can until you feel all the pieces starting to fall into place.

Draft Players You Like to Have on Your Team

While I don’t draft just my favorite players—that would be fantasy suicide—I will pass over the guy I am ambivalent about for the guy I really like if I have them closely ranked. My Sundays are much more enjoyable to cheer for a team of players I drafted that I really like as players.

Know What You Enjoy

It won’t come to you immediately but when it does, it can turn you into a life-long fantasy football player. It is that simple. If you really enjoy the game, you will play it as long as you can. Take your time, enjoy each format and team you play as you go move along, tweaking what you want from your fantasy experience according to your preference until you achieve your ultimate goal in fantasy football—to be a winner.


Fantasy sports is growing popular everyday.NBA,NFL,NHL and MLC fantasy sports contest are now live at Fantasy Factor. build your fantasy sports team and enter to win real cash daily or weekly!

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NFL Estate Planning Travesty: NFL Star, Vince Young Files Bankruptcy and 80% of Players Follow Suit with Financial Catastrophe After Playing, Says

Boston, MA (PRWEB) February 19, 2014

Adam Molon of CNBC on January 31, 2014 reported on NFL quarterback Vince Young’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection filing in the Southern District of Texas (1). “CNBC underscored the unfortunate fact that Young is only the latest financial casualty among a string of NFL players who have gone from earning millions to coping with insolvency and limited prospects.” Says Rocco Beatrice, Managing Director of Estate Street Partners and parent company of; a firm dedicated to estate planning and asset protection for clients of all levels.

The inauspicious trend of professional athletes going broke picked up considerable interest in the midst of the Great American Recession thanks to a groundbreaking investigative report published by Sports Illustrated (SI) in March 2009. “How (and Why) Athletes Go Broke” (2) revealed that nearly 80 percent of NFL players fall into serious financial hardship three years after they stop playing. Their research goes on to say that the situation is marginally better in the NBA, where 60 percent of players are nearly penniless five years into their retirement. MLB players face a similar situation.

On average, according the SI article, NFL careers tend to be short and lucrative. In just three years, players can earn $ 4 million and move on to the next stage of their lives. Vince Young is currently a free agent; he has spent most of his last two years away from the gridiron and embroiled in a couple of lawsuits related to a loan gone wrong. According to an MSN Money article, Young’s insolvency can be traced to bad investment choices, overspending and a lack of an effective asset protection strategy (3).

Yahoo Sports sheds some light into Young’s legal troubles: During the NFL lockout in 2011, Young reportedly obtained a $ 1.8 million cash loan through his financial advisor (4). Young claims that he never received the loan proceeds, and the amount he allegedly owes has ballooned to $ 2.5 million.

“Looking at the reported figures of Young’s Chapter 11 filing, it is clear that this judgment against him to recover the lockout loan is dragging him down,” explains Mr. Beatrice. “NFL players are often targets of lawsuits; for this, and many other reasons, and they should strongly consider setting up structured, personalized plans to protect their assets. Often that means the use of FLP or irrevocable trust.”

“The short careers of NFL players call for careful estate planning on top of the investment advice they usually receive. Financial stability is becoming just as important as good health and athletic skills for NFL players.” Mr. Beatrice explains: “On any given Sunday, NFL players take on considerable risk. They work hard and play hard, and they enjoy living the high life. The overspending and dubious investment choices have virtually become rituals for professional athletes; it’s almost as if they feel invincible when they come off the field, but they are actually vulnerable when it comes to their finances.”

“The financial turmoil experienced by many NFL players can take a toll on them when they take the field.” Mr. Beatrice comments and “It takes a lot of discipline to avoid overspending and making investment mistakes because the money is big and fast and these guys make a living on the field that requires them to believe they are invincible, which has a tendency to follow them off the field.”

Mr. Beatrice continued “Irrevocable trusts and other estate planning strategies can help in this regard thanks to their structured nature of asset management; these are instruments that actually encourage saving money and keeping it safe. The biggest mistake an NFL player can make in relation to their finances is to forego estate planning, which is something they should accomplish in their rookie season. When executed correctly, many of the players can defer most of their income taxes while they are in the highest tax bracket and make sure that they have enough money for the rest of their lives.”

“Young NFL players tend to live from one Sunday to the next without thinking about what life might have in store for them once they stop playing. For many of these players, playing at the professional level is a ticket to a very early retirement and a greatly diminished earning power. They need to establish a solid foundation for their finances, which is something that can be accomplished with thoughtful estate planning.”

Young is hardly the first NFL superstar quarterback to get financially sacked according to USA today; Super Bowl champion and Cleveland Browns legend Bernie Kosar (5) was yet another of the most notable players that was forced into a calamitous Chapter 7 liquidation back in 2009, more than ten years after his last game with the Miami Dolphins.

About Estate Street Partners (

For 30 years, Estate Street Partners has been helping clients protect assets from divorce and frivolous lawsuits while eliminating estate taxes and probate as well as ensuring superior Medicaid asset protection for both parents and children with their Premium UltraTrust® Irrevocable Trust. Call (888) 938-5872 to learn more.


1. – 1/31/14

2. – 3/23/09

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4.–nfl.html – 1/22/14

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Sam Bush, King of Newgrass, Joins Huck Finn Jubilee This June

ONTARIO, Calif. (PRWEB) February 26, 2014

Sam Bush, ‘King of Newgrass,’ is the latest in an impressive lineup of performers scheduled to appear at Southern California’s Huck Finn Jubilee June 13-15 in Ontario, Calif.

The Grammy-winning artist and AMA Lifetime Achievement Award recipient has been pushing the boundaries of bluegrass for decades, fusing together styles that make it more expansive and adaptable. He joins The Del McCoury Band, Junior Sisk & Rambler’s Choice, Rhonda Vincent, The Boxcars, and Chris Jones and the Night Drivers in the early lineup of performers, with many more bands to be announced soon. Huck Finn Jubilee takes place June 13-15 at Cucamonga-Guasti Regional Park in Ontario, Calif. Visit for details.

Heavily influenced by traditional bluegrass as a child, Bush learned to play mandolin at 11 and was also considered a prodigy on the fiddle. He came to national prominence in 1972 after forming the New Grass Revival, which blended various music styles for a bold new sound. The band’s commitment to stretching musical boundaries was viewed with disdain by some traditional bluegrass fans, CMT once reported. “(But) any opposition to the music we were doing really never came from the other musicians,” Bush told CMT. “At the time, it was from the fans of bluegrass. They were more divided.”

Sam Bush’s performance at Huck Finn will broaden the entire music experience of the festival, said Michael Krouse, President and CEO of the Greater Ontario Convention and Visitors Bureau, which this year assumed ownership of the nonprofit event. “We see his participation as expanding the reaches of bluegrass into new audiences much in the same way that bluegrass was influenced by other music genres before its time.”

The jubilee is an annual celebration held each Father’s Day weekend, featuring headliner bluegrass and country-themed performances, old-time activities and contests, a jammer’s campground, fishing, raft-building, a water playground, living history displays and more. It is billed as one of the largest bluegrass festivals of its kind west of the Mississippi, drawing visitors from throughout the United States.

RV and tent camping are available, as well as discounted hotel packages that include lodging and admission tickets. Order early online or by calling 888-718-4253,

The Del McCoury Band took home its second Grammy Award this year for best bluegrass album with “Streets of Baltimore,” a tribute to the city where McCoury got his start working for a stint with the father of bluegrass, Bill Monroe.

Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice, awarded “Best Bluegrass Band” by the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music in America (SPBGMA), is touted as one of the nation’s most authentic bluegrass groups.

Vincent, dubbed the “New Queen of Bluegrass” by the Wall Street Journal, recently released “Only Me,” a two-disc combo of both bluegrass and country. Known for her progressive chord structures and multi-range vocals, she has worked closely with many in the industry, including Dolly Parton, and Alison Krause.

The Boxcars were nominees for “Best Bluegrass Album” at this year’s Grammy Awards. They won the IBMA 2013 Instrumental Group of the Year for a third year in a row in 2013, and member Adam Steffey won IMBA Mandolin Player of the Year that same year.

Chris Jones and the Night Drivers blends an impressive measure of musicianship and songwriting, featuring the distinctive vocals of Chris Jones, host of SiriusXM’s Bluegrass Junction. Jones, whose career has included performances with some of the industry’s legendary talents, earned both Song of the Year and Album of the Year awards from the IBMA in 2007 – the first time that both music and industry awards have gone to a single person.

About the Greater Ontario Convention and Visitors Bureau

The Greater Ontario Convention and Visitors Bureau provides groups and meeting professionals with an unbiased, comprehensive resource when booking a tour, convention, meeting or event within the cities of Ontario and Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. Ideal for both leisure and business travel, the region boasts scenic mountains, deserts, vineyards and metropolitan areas that are both historic and cosmopolitan in character. For meeting needs of all sizes – from a conference room to a citywide convention utilizing the Ontario Convention Center – or for a special exposition or sporting event, the Greater Ontario Convention and Visitors Bureau will provide the necessary destination support tools to execute a successful experience. Visit

31 Maricopa Community College Players Commit to NCAA Division I Football Programs

Tempe, AZ (PRWEB) February 16, 2014

National Signing Day for National College Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I football programs is the opportunity to prepare for the future.

That future is bright for this crop of Maricopa Community College student athletes, who have committed to Division I schools. In all, 31 Maricopa student athletes committed to Div. I schools today: Scottsdale (14), Mesa (9), Glendale (6) and Phoenix (2).

“This list is indicative of the outstanding quality of student-athletes in the Maricopa Community College District and the Western States Football League,” said Dave Grant, Athletic Director at Glendale Community College. “Their dedication is a reflection of the excellent, year-round work that students and coaches do to prepare themselves for academic and athletic careers at 4-year colleges and universities.”

Maricopa Community Colleges has a strong history of students succeeding in both academics and athletics. More than 30 Maricopa Community Colleges sports teams participated in national championship play in 2012; three of them brought home national titles.

In the same academic year, 90 players and 30 full teams received national Academic All-American recognition (by maintaining a minimum 3.6/4.0 GPA and 3.0/4.0 GPA, respectively).

Over the past five years, 425 Maricopa student athletes have been placed at Division I schools for athletics, and more than 1,400 have transferred to a four-year school.

Player (Position, Stats)                 NCAA Division I Program (Conference)

Glendale CC

John LaChapelle (DT, 6-1/290) to Western Illinois (Missouri Valley)

Jerod Cody (DE, 6-3/265) to University of Arizona (Pac-12)

Nick Ziegenbein (OT, 6-9/315) to Western Illinois (Missouri Valley)

Josh Bamrick (MLB, 6-2/240) to Northern Arizona University (Big Sky)

Luis Sharpe (CB, 6-2/190) to Western Illinois (Missouri Valley)

Jehren Ertel (OT, 6-6/280) to Boise State University (Mountain West)

Mesa CC

Claude Pelon (DT, 6-5/275) to University of Southern California (Pac-12)

Demarlon Morris (CB, 6-0/185) to Oregon State University (Pac-12)

Corey Clements (OT, 6-8/340) to Purdue University (Big Ten)

Damani Mosby (DE, 6-3/240) to Kansas (Big 12)

Ronald Perry (OLB, 6-1/215) to Idaho (Independent)

Toni Pulu (DE, 6-3/290) to Texas State University (Sun Belt)

Jalen Rogers (CB, 6-1/185) to University of Hawaii (Mountain West)

Taylor Hanson (OLB, 6-1/220) to Northwestern State (Southland)

Daniel Peterson (OLB, 6-2/215) to Idaho (Independent)

Scottsdale CC

Jonathan Black (DT, 6-5/300) to Hampton University (Mid-Eastern)

L.J. Mosley (OL, 6-4/330) to Youngstown State University (Missouri Valley)

Andre Fils (DB, 5-10/160) to Hampton University (Mid-Eastern)

Bryce Hall (DL, 6-3/295) to Austin Peay University (Ohio Valley)

Calvin Heurtelou (DT, 6-4/295) to University of Miami (FL) (ACC)

Antonio Smothers (OLB, 6-2/230) to University of Arizona (Pac-12)

Patrick Glover (CB, 6-2/205) to University of Arizona (Pac-12)

Braedon Bowman (TE, 6-4/215) to University of South Alabama (Sun Belt)

Blake Decker (QB, 6-2/205) to University of Nevada, Las Vegas (Mountain West)

Teddy Ruben (WR, 5-10/170)    to Troy University (Sun Belt)

Siupeli Anau (DE, 6-3/245) to Northern Arizona University (Big Sky)

Jordan Frost-Dixon (CB, 5-10/190)    to Middle Tennessee (Conference USA)

Tyler Bode (OT, 6-7/300)     to Western Illinois (Missouri Valley)

Isaiah Riddle (OLB, 6-3/205) to Kansas State (Big 12)

Phoenix College

Damon Hendrix (OLB, 6-2/205) to Northern Iowa (Missouri Valley)

Tim Patterson (LB, 6-4/250) to Southern University and A&M College (Southwestern)


The Maricopa Community College system includes 10 regionally accredited colleges – Chandler-Gilbert, Estrella Mountain, GateWay, Glendale, Mesa, Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Rio Salado, Scottsdale and South Mountain. It also includes the Maricopa Skill Center, Southwest Skill Center, and several satellite campuses and business/industry, technical and customized training institutes.

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Clarification of Iowa's fantasy sports law sought

Clarification of Iowa's fantasy sports law sought
When it comes to fantasy sports, Steve Cate of Johnston loves them all. He plays basketball, football, golf, baseball and NASCAR. He's good at it — avidly studying statistics and shrewdly choosing his players. The problem comes if Cate wants to cash …

Fantasy football is gambling
Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18) talks with cornerback Champ Bailey (24) during NFL football practice at the team's training facility in Englewood, Colo., Saturday, Jan. 25, 2014. The Broncos are scheduled to play the Seattle Seahawks in …
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Cricket versus Football News

Football news
by t1mmyb

We have a fair idea what Cricket is for India. From Cricket field to TV screens cricket players rule Indians. They are lavishly paid from the game as well as media and ad agencies to pose for their brands. There have been stories of making of players from rags to riches. Some people may wonder as to why cricket news has been given such attention. Others may just like it being called as heart’s wish as it always follows the craze of crowd. Question that really hits is why Cricket and why not Football like rest of the world. If craze is being followed than why not Football news is our preference as the world does. For us, even knowing about our national sports as in specific sports news never enthused us. 


Going back to the history Cricket has been developed earlier than Football but being short spanned and with minimum number of rules it gained more popularity than Cricket. With lot many twists and turns, Cricket is still considered a posh game in Britain. India being a hostage of British for two hundred years created a fondness to this game in India. This might sound like a valid reason for us being so much in love with this particular game. So here we stand in queue to get the ticket for a crucial cricket match today and waiting for the Cricket News of the same match tomorrow in sports news section of our newspaper. 


Liking Cricket can also be understood by the way we Indians like to delay aftermath of any act. We like thrills to be dragged. Games are meant to increase the suspense of climax and when the result comes out unexpected the motto of the Game is fulfilled.

Cricket is very good at that and due to this it is very much loved in India just as our philosophy of life. Football News can never satiate our hunger for such intensity for timeless thrill.


Sports always will remain a mode of entertainment, for the cause it had been developed. Liking a particular sport is personal as well a choice induced by society and culture. Interest arouses curiosity. It never matters if we chose to adhere either Cricket news or football news. The issue is always of interest and of course at many times the Country. Sometimes it is just ridiculous to differentiate between the two kinds but it also cues to the human nature. More often than not, we incline to do things that do not seem necessary. Sports news about stupid comparisons is one of those. 




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December 14, 2012

Friday Fantasy Football Link Love - Week #15

Photo By KJ Holiday

Here is your Friday dose of fantasy football blog links for NFL Week #15.

The links are organized into 3 groups Rankings, Sit or Start, and Injury Reports.

Fantasy Football Rankings
Lester's Legends QB | RB| WR| TE| K | D/ST
Bruno Boys QB | RB | WR | TE | K | DEF
FF Today QB & RB | WR & TE | K & DEF | IDP
Fantasy Pros Expert Consensus Rankings Week 15 Fantasy Football Player Rankings Week 15
CBS Sports Week 15 Fantasy Football Rankings

Fantasy Football Start or Sit
Sports Grid's Start ‘Em/Sit ‘Em: 11 Fantasy Football Players With Sweetheart Matchups In Week 15
Roto Professor's Start ‘Em or Sit ‘Em: Week 15
NFL Soup's Week 15 Fantasy Football Start and Sit Advice
Ask The Commish - Week 15 Sit or Start
Fantasy Sharks - Sit/Bench - Week 15
Walter Football - 2012 Fantasy Football: Start Em, Sit Em: Week 15
CBS Sports - Week 15 Start 'Em and Sit 'Em
Fox Sports - Week 15 Fantasy Football Starts and Sits
SI.Com - Week 15 Start 'Em, Sit 'Em: Turner not through yet
Business Insider Sport's Page - 12 Fantasy Football Tips For Week 15

Fantasy Football Injury Report
Fantasy Shark's Injury Report For Week 15
FF Toolbox's NFL Injury Reports

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December 11, 2012

Suit Up - Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Week #15

Here is the weekly edition of the Week #15 fantasy football waiver wire adds. There are a couple more players breaking in week 14 that have not been mentioned previously:

David Wilson - Wilson has a break out week on Sunday.  Taking over for a beat-up Amhad Bradshaw,  Wilson scorched the Saints Defense for 100 yards and 2 touch downs on 13 carries.  Owned in 40.3% of ESPN Leagues.

Jason Avant - Avant is seeing playing time due to the injury to Desean Jackson.   He had a big game on Sunday, grabbing 7 passes for 120 yards.  Owned in only 0.5% of ESPN Leagues.

This is a recap of the standouts from the last several weeks who may still be available:
  • Colin Kaepernick
  • Chad Henne
  • Bryce Brown
  • Chris Ivory
  • Knowshon Moreno
  • Marcel Reece
  • James Starks
  • T.Y. Hilton
  • Danario Alexander
  • Chris Givens
  • Justin Blackmon
  • Brandon Myers
Below is a list of several additional fantasy football waiver wire article links that are out early for week 15:

December 7, 2012

Friday Fantasy Football Link Love - Week #14

Here is your Friday dose of fantasy football blog links for NFL Week #14.   

The links are organized into 3 groups Rankings, Sit or Start, and Injury Reports.

Fantasy Football Rankings
Lester's Legends QB | RB| WR| TE| K | D/ST
Bruno Boys QB | RB | WR | TE | K | DEF
FF Today QB & RB | WR & TE | K & DEF | IDP
Fantasy Pros Expert Consensus Rankings Week 14 Fantasy Football Player Rankings Week 14
CBS Sports Week 14 Fantasy Football Rankings

Fantasy Football Start or Sit
Sports Grid's Start ‘Em/Sit ‘Em: 11 Fantasy Football Players With Sweetheart Matchups In Week 14
Roto Professor's Start ‘Em or Sit ‘Em: Week 14
NFL Soup's Week 14 Fantasy Football Start or Sit Calls to Help You Win
Ask The Commish - Week 14 Sit or Start
Fantasy Sharks - Sit/Bench - Week 14
Walter Football - 2012 Fantasy Football: Start Em, Sit Em: Week 13
CBS Sports - Week 14 Start 'Em and Sit 'Em
Fox Sports - Week 14 Fantasy Football Starts and Sits
SI.Com - Week 14 Start 'Em, Sit 'Em: Rams' Jackson set for playoff stardom
Business Insider Sport's Page - 12 Fantasy Football Tips For Week 14

Fantasy Football Injury Report
Fantasy Shark's Injury Report For Week 14
FF Toolbox's NFL Injury Reports

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December 5, 2012

What I learned in Week 13 of the NFL

Photo By Mark Susina
Here is your weekly fantasy football blog update for the top (& bottom) teams and players through week 13 of the 2012 NFL season. 

Atlanta & Houston have just about locked it up as the 2 top teams.  Barring at catastrophe they are eyeing up a first round bye in the playoffs.  

Next up are New England & Denver, both who have locked up their division and a spot in the playoffs.   The final spot in the Top 5 goes to Baltimore. They have the lead by 2 games and look to have a decent shot at winning the division.

Top 5 Teams In The NFL
  • Houston Texans
  • Atlanta Falcons
  • New England
  • Denver Broncos
  • Baltimore Ravens
In spots 6-10 are San Fran, Green Bay, Chicago,  Indianapolis, and the NY Giants.  The Giants sneak in there by virtue of being a division leader, even though their 7-5 record has them tied with Seattle, Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati.

One other interesting fact - If the playoffs started to today the Broncos would be playing the Colts.

Worst 5 Teams In The NFL

  • Carolina Panthers
  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Oakland Raiders
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Kansas City Chiefs
At this point these guys are all fighting for the number 1 draft pick come April.

Now on to the fantasy football player rankings after tallying the results through Week 13. All rankings are based on ESPN standard scoring.

Scoring Leaders - Top 5 Fantasy Football Players

  • Robert Griffin III
  • Tom Brady
  • Drew Brees
  • Aaron Rodgers
  • Peyton Manning
Not much has changed here since week 12.

Scoring Leaders - The next 5 (6-10) Fantasy Football Players

  • Cam Newton
  • Matthew Stafford
  • Andrew Luck
  • Matt Ryan
  • Adrian Peterson
Mostly Quarterbacks at this time of the year, no surprise there.   ADP is the only non-QB to hang on to a top spot this late in the season.   How many of us now wish we took him in the second round of the draft?  

Scoring Leaders - Top 5 Non-Quarterback Fantasy Players

  • Adrian Peterson
  • Arian Foster
  • Doug Martin
  • A.J. Green
  • Bears DEF/ST
Rookie Doug Martin...just wow what a beast. A.J. Green grabs the 9th spot and is the only wide receiver to make it while the Bears DEF/ST is continuing to put up the numbers.

What is most surprising to you so far this season?

December 3, 2012

Suit Up - Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Week #14

Photo By John Martinez Pavliga
Here is the early edition of the Week #14 fantasy football waiver wire adds.   There is only 2 players that have not been mentioned previously:

Chris Givens - Followed up a monster week 12 with another decent performance  (11-92-0)  this week.   As long as Amendola is out Givens looks to be the #1 receiver in St. Louis.  Owned in only 3.2% of ESPN Leagues.

Chad Henne- Henne has put together a few solid weeks now as the starter in Jacksonville.   Sunday he threw for 208 yards and 1 touchdown.   Not sure why you would need him, but if you find yourself in a bind for a quarterback, Henne is owned in only 8.5% of ESPN Leagues.

This is a recap of the standouts from the last several weeks who may still be available:
  • Colin Kaepernick
  • Bryce Brown
  • Chris Ivory
  • Knowshon Moreno
  • Marcel Reece
  • James Starks
  • T.Y. Hilton
  • Danario Alexander
  • Cecil Shorts
  • Justin Blackmon
  • Brandon Myers
Below is a list of several additional fantasy football waiver wire article links that are out early for week 14: